Leveraging the Power of Images to Stun Audiences

Born out of social awareness and a global humanist perspective, Lobodocs has evolved from its twenty-year documentary film tradition into a fully fledged 21st century approach to 360° media. Digital 4K moving imagery, photos, multimedia, social media, branding are fully integrated into our way of seeing the world and embedding it in our work.

Lobodocs productions are highly effective because they tap into universal emotions through compelling real-life characters, visuals and sound. Simplicity and empathy make a lasting impression on the audiences. Integration, cost-effectiveness and a global reach based on our production experience in five continents make Lobodocs a unique media production environment.

Lobodocs is helmed by Richard Wolf, a cosmopolitan director with broad world vision and a distinctive approach to storytelling who has made over 30 documentary films and led media campaigns across the globe.