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Logline: A beautiful young woman returns to Baghdad from abroad after the fall of Saddam Hussein and has to confront a harsh reality and shattered dreams.

Synopsis: Fatima is an intimate film that tackles how sensitive human beings react to the ominous reality of war and destruction. Using a poetic approach, the film subtly brings the viewer into the psyche of the main character, a 26-year old woman who returns to Baghdad to reunite with her family and fiancée, and to follow her dream of becoming a childcare specialist.

Tensions progressively escalate as she finds both the city and her family deeply affected by the violence. Her fiancée's tragic death sends her into a spiral of grief and desperation that take her to a final decision by the Tigris river.

In face of absolute lack of hope, will she choose life or death?

Technical data:
90 minutes, color, in Arabic with English subtitles.
Originated on High Definition video (1080 lines, 25fps)

Written, directed and produced by Richard Wolf
Assistant director: Ali Taleb
Collaboration on Arabic script: Betool Khedairi, Ali Taleb, Ghassan Salti
Director of Photography: Richard Wolf
Sound and lights operator: Ali Bseesah
Music: Agnes Dzodtsoeva
Santur Player: Handreen Hikmat
Pre-production: Patricia Gomes, Dalia Alkury, Ghassan Salti
Arabic-English transcriptions: Haider Hamza
Cast: Nadia Odeh, Hayat Haydar, Ali Taleb, Yasir Masri, Samar Al Tai, Ayad Taresh, Hussein Assadi, Abbas Shahin, Ahmad Al Tai, Ali Abdel Sahed, Na'el Ibrahim, Wafa'a Abbas, Mohammad Amin, Seif Al-Deen Hashem, Handreen Hikmat
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